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   WHOA Magnolia Delaware (Woodfield)
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Regarding the questions about dirt bikes and 4 wheelers for which there have been complaints: 

(This information was given to our Woodfield HOA from the Crime Watch representative)

Please post on your web site that people need to call the State Police to report the situation (third party calls are not acceptable). BUT when they do call they need to know where the offender lives and give as much information as possible (time of day, what they were doing and so forth). Pictures are helpful. Because this is not an emergency call it may be a day or so before the State Police come out and possibly talk to the parent or perpetrator. If the actions continue to go on then the State Police will take the situation to the next level. 

This problem was discussed at our Annual HOA meeting in April 2012 and again in May 2013, and it is also discussed at the monthly Crime Watch meetings. The Crime Watch representative said it will probably get worse due to summer. The Crime Watch representative added that the hardest thing is proving the offense and then doing anything about it. 

Upcoming Crime Watch Meetings are all at 
Kent County Complex
555 Bay Road, Dover DE
In the Levy Court Chambers

Next Meeting Scheduled For:
Thursday, October 24, 2019 

If anyone has information regarding robbery attempts in Woodfield please send the information to: [email protected]  Thank You.