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   WHOA Magnolia Delaware (Woodfield)
   PO Box 253, Magnolia DE 19962-0253
[email protected]
[email protected]
Investment Property Services
NEW ADDRESS! 413 Larch Circle  
Newport DE  19804
18236 Coastal Hwy
Lewes DE 19958
[email protected]
Woodfield is a residential development  and has been incorporated as such.
Normal contact times are typical weekday 'business' hours Monday through Friday minus holidays.
HOA Board Members

President: Ken Jones
Vice President: Chris Garland
Secretary: Preston Tallhammer
Treasurer: Brian Weidert
If anyone has information regarding robbery attempts in Woodfield please send the information to: [email protected]  Thank You. 
For Commercial bids to supply Woodfield Services, please contact us through our email and/or Postal mail address which can be found on the upper left portion of this page under the directory lists.
Woodfield Resolution:
Following several longer-term recommendations, the Woodfield Board of Directors is banning any short term rentals (leases, sublets, or any term with the same effect) for periods of less than one calendar year (12 consecutive calendar months). This ban is for the protection of our property owners, is effective immediately, and will remain in effect until lifted by the Woodfield Board of Directors in writing. Any hardship case needs to be approved by the Board in writing through the Property Management Company.  
For questions regarding this emergency resolution please contact the Woodfield Property Management Company. Thank you. May 2020.

Results of the Speed Hump Proposal Ballot:
All property owners were sent a document to vote yes or no, and add comments as needed, on the question of possibly adding speed humps into the Woodfield Community.
Returned Documents - 16% of Property Owners;
No - 61%
Yes- 39%
Due to the above numbers, along with the facts that the roads in the surrounding area may be updated (i.e. Peachtree, Knollwood Development,and Irish Hill), we have asked DelDot to place our request on hold.  Woodfield may be able to update their request in the future.  Thank you to all who returned the preferences document.
For updated meeting and/or document information please call or email Investment Property Services.