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   WHOA Magnolia Delaware (Woodfield)
   PO Box 253, Magnolia DE 19962-0253
[email protected]
[email protected]

Investment Property Services
102 Larch Circle  Suite 302
Newport DE  19804
18236 Coastal Hwy
Lewes DE 19958
[email protected]
Woodfield is a residential development  and has been incorporated as such.
Normal contact times are typical weekday 'business' hours Monday through Friday minus holidays.
​Annual Meeting via ZOOM, Wednesday January 19, 2022, 7:00PM. THANK YOU to those attending the meeting. 

Food Trucks

A while back one of the Woodfield property owners complained to our [email protected] email about seeing - on Facebook - the possibility of getting a food truck parked in Woodfield on a specific date at a specific location. This was right after our email account had gotten several food truck scam messages. Our brief response was that this is a no-solicitation neighborhood and was intended to assure the property owner that the Board had not approved any food trucks, period.

Since that time, this issue has taken on several additional 'rabbit trail' meanings. Neighborhood food trucks do go beyond simple solicitation and get into the area of business pursuits within a residential community. Woodfield is a residential HOA, but so is Chestnut Ridge, Pinehurst, Irish Hill, and the dozens of other HOA's within this residential zoned area.

Changes to any zoning go beyond the decisions of the Woodfield Board (reference the request for a hair-cutting salon discussed a while back). Questions like these can be basically answered by the Board but need to be taken up to County and State level for more detailed regulatory answers. (We have updated Kent County as to the food truck discussion on Facebook.)

Below is the link for Delaware food establishment regulations, which also has other linked information should anyone wish to search further. The Woodfield Board follows guidelines set down by Kent County and the State of Delaware. Hopefully, this helps to clear up some misinformation.